de GRISOGONO celebrates life
in the most irreverent and playful way,
creating “Crazy Skull” a one-of-a-kind
masterpiece that is the epitome
of the art of watchmaking and jewellery.

An exclusive bespoke art object
that takes the best of both worlds
and admirably showcases de GRISOGONO’s
dual expertise.

As pure as snow in the winter,
as brilliant as a gift of festive light,
GRAPPOLI embraces grace and carries
the joyful blessings and magic
of the holiday season.

A high jewellery miracle that fulfils
each sense of life.

When telling the time
is no longer essential yet
the need to sense its tirelessly
pulsating beat is still there,
a watch can become a jewel.

A creation evoking the passing of time,
and the fleeting of minutes.